We work with a wide range of fresh and cured products
Quality label of a Ham D.O Los Pedroches
Products of Designationof Origin (D.O.)Los Pedroches


All our pieces, both hams and shoulders, are protected Designation of Origin Los Pedroches products, are marketed and identified by this organization by means of an inviolable band and seal which specifies the category of the piece and an individual number, this seal is affixed by the control and surveillance service of this regulatory council at the time of slaughter of the pigs, and a label is affixed to the piece at the time of shipment, once all the quality controls set out in our regulations have been passed. This label informs the consumer of the category of both the breed and the feed of the piece and is also numbered to coincide with the number of the seal affixed at the time of slaughter.

Logo D.O. los Pedroches

Jamón Jarote has been awarded the following prizes

2001 Feria del Jamón 3º Prize

2002 Feria del Jamón 3º Prize

2003 Feria del Jamón 3º Prize

2007 Feria del Jamón 3º Prize

2008 Feria del Jamón 2º Prize

2009 Feria del Jamón 3º Prize

2011 Feria del Jamón 3º Prize

2014 Feria del Jamón 1º Prize

2018 Feria del Jamón 3º Prize

View of the awards obtained by Ham Jarote
Certificate IFS

Jamón Jarote has the IFS quality certificate, thanks to the implementation of this quality management system. We are certified to process both cured and fresh meat

Certificate Calicer

Certifies that any agri-food product complies with the details of its label. This is done by following the companies’ own regulations and standard requirements by carrying out product controls, document audits and analytical testing.

When contracting Calicer, we are required to have a documented self-monitoring system in order to be able to demonstrate at all times that the labelled product meets the requirements at all times.

Curing the ham

The production process of Iberian acorn-fed ham is based on a traditional method of salting and drying. Curing or ageing takes place slowly in our cellars, where they remain for a minimum of 24 months under the watchful eye of our production and quality professionals, at which time the appropriate temperature and humidity must be combined, thus ensuring maximum quality.

Image of the dryer
Where to find us
Spain, from any point

France: Lyon, Bordeaux, Montpellier, Clermont-Ferrand and Toulouse.

Italy: Milan, Venice, Turin, Florence and Rome

Germany: München, Freiburg and Stuttgart

Norway: Oslo

We are authorized to provide service in all the countries of the European Union. We will study any other possible destinations which have not been mentioned previously.

Bodegon iberian products

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