Image of the Jamon Jarote's president


Jamon Jarote, S.L. was founded in 1992 with the aim of offering the best Iberian pork products to its customers, elaborating them in the traditional way, thereby complying with health standards and strict quality controls and guaranteeing handmade products which are able to satisfy the most demanding palates. Today, we have gone one step further by rearing our own pigs in an extensive regime, controlling the quality process of all our products from the raising of the pig to its commercialization.


Jamon Jarote is located in Villanueva de Córdoba (Los Pedroches Valley-Córdoba). This town is surrounded by a sea of ​​holm oak trees, thus making it the largest and most densely populated forests in Europe. Our ecosystem model in Europe would have disappeared if it were not for the extensive livestock activity that takes place here, and especially with regards to the breeding and fattening of the Iberian pig. This is the perfect integration of not only nature, but also the traditional livestock activity. It is difficult to find a production system in the world in which the production of high quality meat products and also has a positive respect for the environment.



In the context of human-place relations that characterize the human occupancy of terrestrial space, few landscape formations present a perfect balance between the human and ecological components as that offered by the Dehesa in the Los Pedroches Valley.

Image of Jamon Jarote's dryer entrace
The president looking the natural dryer

At first sight, the dehesas resemble a tree-lined net with wide meadows inside. Its colour scheme, which changes according to the season, contrasts with the permanent greyish colour with which the holm oaks enclose the horizon, and this characteristic natural landscape is the basis of the Iberian pig's diet. Villanueva de Córdoba is one of the most important towns in our region and with a vast and long tradition in the art of curing acorn-fed Iberian ham.

Acorns at the Dehesa
Image of the process of salting the hams

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