From October to February, our Iberian pigs roam freely and graze among the different oak trees which are interspersed in the “Dehesa” meadows during the fattening period. 

Image of the dehesa with the Iberian pigs eating

The Iberian pig is an autochthonous breed of this peninsula. Its breeding requires an environment which only exists here, the "Dehesa" meadows. One of the largest Dehesas in Europe is the Valle de los Pedroches, in the heart of the Sierra Morena mountain range, north of the province of Córdoba, where Jamón Jarote is located. Hundred-year-old cork and gall oak trees, a lush mantle of grass and warm weather, make it the best possible place along with the ecosystem for the Iberian pig to live in freedom and to calmly and gently produce the raw material that gives rise to one of the biggest known gastronomic jewels. The Iberian Acorn Fed Ham Designation of Origin Los Pedroches.


The natural breeding of our Iberian pigs, accompanied by continuous on the ground quality control, making use of our ecosystem and land, with indigenous microflora of the Pedroches Valley, lead us to its unique flavor, its extraordinary aroma and excellent texture

Imagen de la dehesa copn los cerdos comiendo
La Montanera


In this video we show you where our Iberian pigs graze in freedom, run free, trot and look for their food. They are full-time athletes!!!! From October to February they devour the acorns that fall from our oak trees. During the fattening period or “montanera”, each pig gets to eat 10 kg. of acorns per day!

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