Iberian pork tenderloin
Iberian pork tenderloin

It is one of the most prized pieces, it is known for its cleanliness and low fat content, its meat has an intense, tasty flavour and great tenderness. It is a magnificent and noble cut.

It is one of the most popular cuts of the Iberian pig. It is very versatile for any type of cuisine.

Iberian pork loin


A highly valued piece of pork, its lean meat and infiltrated fat make it a luxury for any palate

Loin of iberian pork
Presa Ibérica
Iberian Presa


A piece which is small size, like a fist, soft, has a pleasant texture and light, generous in its flavor. It is one of the cuts which are most appreciated by cooks.

The harmonious fat infiltration gives it a unique, juicy and tasty texture.

Iberian Pluma


We get his cut by separating it from the loin. Its usage has recently become more widespread.

It is protected by a thin layer of fat which gives us a piece that is juicier and has a more powerful flavour than others. It's one of the most requested cuts nowadays.

Pluma Ibérica
Secreto Ibérico
Iberian Secreto

One of the juiciest pieces and has a suggestive texture that surprises from the first moment.

It is one of the stars of the Iberian gastronomy. The cut is barely two centimetres thick and is lodged between the pig's fat, hence its curious name. The level of fat infiltration gives it a pinkish colour and an incomparable silky texture.

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